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Investment Services

Appeal DateAppeal NumberCategoryAppeal DetailsStatus
13/07/2022FST 06/22Investment ServicesATOM Trustees LtdOngoing
27/06/2022FST 07/22Investment ServicesRISKCAP INTERNATIONAL LTDDecided
04/03/2022FST 02/22Investment ServicesCSB International LimitedDecided
25/02/2022FST 04/22Investment ServicesFST Portmann Capital Management LtdOngoing
12/01/2022FST 03/22Investment ServicesInsignia Card LtdOngoing
05/01/2022FST 01/22Investment ServicesCurmi & PartnersDecided
29/12/2021FST 05/22Investment ServicesReliance Management LimitedDecided
20/12/2021FST 08/21Investment ServicesSMM Consultancy LtdDecided
16/12/2021FST 07/21Investment ServicesS&D YachtsDecided
15/12/2021FST 07/20Investment ServicesOTP Financing Malta Co LtdDecided
14/12/2021FST 04/21Investment ServicesIntegrated Capabilities Malta Ltd Ongoing
14/12/2021FST 05/21Investment Services Iosif Galea Ongoing
14/12/2021FST 06/21Investment Services Francesco TrimboliDecided
 30/11/2021FST 03/21Investment ServicesInvestar plc Ongoing
 14/05/2021FST 02/21Investment Services MC Trustees LtdDecided
29/04/2021FST 01/21Investment ServicesPhoenix Payments Limited Ongoing
30/11/2020 FST 09/20Investment Services Clayton FormosaOngoing
 27/11/2020 FST 08/20Investment ServicesSignia Holding Ltd & satabank plcOngoing
 16/10/2020FST 06/20Investment ServicesJD Capital p.l.c – C 82098 Ongoing
 15/10/2020 FST 05/20Investment ServicesDennis MuscatDecided
 04/09/2020 FST 04/20Investment ServicesCorporate & Commercial FX ServicesDecided
30/07/2020 FST 03/20 Investment ServicesSignia Holding Ltd & satabank plcOngoing
 10/06/2020FST 02/20 Investment ServicesChristian Ellul Ongoing
 10/06/2020 FST 01/20 Investment ServicesKarl Schranz Ongoing
 18/12/2019 FST 06/19 Investment Services E&S Consultancy Ltd vs MFSAOngoing
 20/06/2019FST 04/19 Investment ServicesMomentum Pensions Malta Ltd vs MFSADecided
15/06/2019 FST 03/19 Investment Services E&S Consultancy Ltd vs MFSA Ongoing
 20/02/2019FST 01/19 Investment Services Novium AG vs MFSA Decided
 15/01/2019FST 01/19 Investment ServicesNovium AG vs MFSAOngoing
 13/11/2018FST 06/18Investment ServicesSignia Holding Ltd & Satabank plc vs MFSA Ongoing
20/09/2018FST 05/18Investment ServicesPortmann Capital Management Limited vs MFSA Ongoing
 13/09/2018FST 04/18Investment ServicesPortmann Capital Management Ltd vs MFSAOngoing
 17/05/2018FST 02/18Investment ServicesPilatus Holding Limited vs MFSA Ongoing
 17/05/2018FST 03/18Investment ServicesJohannes Helmut Michael Bauer; Dr. Claude-Anne Saint Fournier; Hamidreza Ghanbari; Robert L. Kligensmith; Luis Felipe Rivera & Mustafa Cetinel in their personal capacity as directors of Pilatus Bank plc and for & behalf of Pilatus Bank plc Ongoing
15/09/2017FST 04/17Investment ServicesConfiance Malta Limited vs MFSA Withdrawn
 23/08/2017FST 03/17Investment Services FIMBANK plc vs MFSADecided
 04/01/2017FST 01/17Investment ServicesHeikki Niemela, Mika Lehto each in their personal capacity as directors of Nemea Bank plc, Nemea plc (C45025);Nevestor SA (890.311.134)& Nemea Bank plc (C45026) vs MFSAOngoing
16/11/2016FST 10/16Investment ServicesHeikki Niemela, Mika Lehto in their personal capacity as directors of Nemea Bank plc; Nemea Bank plc (45025);Nevestor SA (890.311.134)and Nemea Bank plc (45026) vs MFSAOngoing
19/07/2016FST 09/16Investment ServicesHollingsworth International Financial Services Limited vs MFSA Withdrawn
08/07/2016FST 08/16Investment ServicesFutura Investment Management Limited vs MFSAWithdrawn
 03/06/2016 FST 07/16 Investment ServicesAppeal by Hollingsworth International Financial Services Limited Withdrawn
19/05/2016FST 06/16Investment ServicesAppeal by Roman Orloff, Anar Shadlinskiy and Zaur AslovWithdrawn
 12/05/2016 FST 05/16Investment Services Appeal by STM Malta Trust and Company Management Limited Withdrawn
 11/05/2016FST 04/16 Investment Services Appeal by Heikki Niemela, Mika Lehto each in their personal capacity as directors of Nemea Bank plc; Nemea plc (C45025); Nevestor SA (890.311.134) ad Nemea Bank plc (C45026) Ongoing
 15/04/2016 FST 03/16 Investment ServicesAppeal by St Publius Corporate Services LimitedDecided
07/04/2016 FST 02/16Investment ServicesAppeal by FX-CAM Consulting and Advertisement Ltd (C57386), formerly Sensus Capital Markets LtdOngoing
 11/03/2016 FST 01/16Investment ServicesAppeal by JFP Investments (SICAV) plc vs MFSAWithdrawn
 06/02/2015 FST 02/15Investment ServicesAppeal by Novium AG (Reg. no. CH- vs MFSAWithdrawn
 20/01/2015 FST 01/15 Investment Services Appeal by Kevin Murcko and Mr Sylvain Legay in thier own name and that of Premier Interchange Gateway Limited Withdrawn
 13/11/2014 FST 01/14Investment ServicesMs Hermione Bugeja vs MFSAWithdrawn
15/10/2013FST 02/13Investment ServicesAll Invest Company Limited (C22239) and Wallace Falzon (ID 308986) v Malta Financial Services AuthorityWithdrawn
15/10/2013FST 01/13Investment ServicesAll Invest Co. LtdWithdrawn
31/10/2012FST 04/12Investment ServicesMFSP Financial Management Ltd v MFSAWithdrawn
28/06/2012FST 03/12Investment ServicesBank Of Valletta Plc vs M.F.S.A.Withdrawn
28/03/2012FST 02/12Investment ServicesBank Of Valletta Plc vs M.F.S.A.Withdrawn
24/10/2011FST 04/11Investment ServicesBank Of Valletta Plc vs M.F.S.A.Withdrawn
01/02/2011FST 02/10Investment ServicesAppeal by Mediterranean Investment Holdings Ltd plcWithdrawn
09/12/2010FST 03/10Investment ServicesAppeal by Rizzo Farrugia & Co. (Stockbroking) Ltd.Withdrawn
10/12/2009FST 01/06Investment ServicesAppeal by Sibylline Capital Management Co Ltd (in formation)Decided
20/10/2006FST 02/06Investment ServicesAppeal by Global Capital Fund Advisors LtdWithdrawn
 12/11/2004FST 01/04Investment ServicesAppeal by Messrs P Azzopardi, A Azzopardi, M La Pira, J FavaWithdrawn