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Insurance Administrative Penalties

Appeal DateAppeal NumberCategoryAppeal DetailsStatus
23/03/2022FST 02/17Insurance Administrative PenaltiesVictoria Insurance Agency Limited vs MFSADecided
11/03/2016FST 03/15Insurance Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Alan Kentish vs MFSAWithdrawn
28/03/2012FST 01/12Insurance Administrative PenaltiesMs Denise Zammit vs MFSAWithdrawn
15/06/2011FST 03/11Insurance Administrative PenaltiesVictoria Insurance Agency Ltd vs MFSAWithdrawn
29/03/2011FST 02/11Insurance Administrative PenaltiesLife Insurance Company ‘ALICO’ vs MSV Life Plc.Decided
09/09/2010FST 01/10Insurance Administrative PenaltiesEuropean Insurance Group Ltd.Decided
11/06/2009FST 02/09Insurance Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Mr. Vito AufieriWithdrawn
01/11/2003FST 01/03Insurance Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Micallef Insurance Agency LimitedWithdrawn
14/08/2002FST 02/02Insurance Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Shields Services Limited and Mark RandonWithdrawn
30/10/2001FST 02/01Insurance Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Galea Insurance Brokers LtdWithdrawn
01/12/2000FST 01/01Insurance Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Fenici Insurance Agency Ltd against administrative penalties imposed by the Malta Financial Services Centre.Decided