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All Appeals

Appeal DateAppeal NumberCategoryAppeal DetailsStatus
13/07/2022FST 06/22Investment ServicesATOM Trustees LtdOngoing
27/06/2022FST 07/22Investment ServicesRISKCAP INTERNATIONAL LTDDecided
23/03/2022FST 02/17Insurance Administrative PenaltiesVictoria Insurance Agency Limited vs MFSADecided
04/03/2022FST 02/22Investment ServicesCSB International LimitedDecided
25/02/2022FST 04/22Investment ServicesFST Portmann Capital Management LtdOngoing
12/01/2022FST 03/22Investment ServicesInsignia Card LtdWithdrawn
05/01/2022FST 01/22Investment ServicesCurmi & PartnersDecided
29/12/2021FST 05/22Investment ServicesReliance Management LimitedDecided
20/12/2021FST 08/21Investment ServicesSMM Consultancy LtdDecided
16/12/2021FST 07/21Investment ServicesS&D YachtsDecided
15/12/2021FST 07/20Investment ServicesOTP Financing Malta Co LtdDeclined
14/12/2021FST 04/21Investment ServicesIntegrated Capabilities Malta Ltd Ongoing
14/12/2021FST 05/21Investment Services Iosif Galea Ongoing
14/12/2021FST 06/21Investment Services Francesco TrimboliDecided
 30/11/2021FST 03/21Investment ServicesInvestar plc Ongoing
 14/05/2021FST 02/21Investment Services MC Trustees LtdDecided
29/04/2021FST 01/21Investment ServicesPhoenix Payments Limited Ongoing
30/11/2020 FST 09/20Investment Services Clayton FormosaOngoing
 27/11/2020 FST 08/20Investment ServicesSignia Holding Ltd & satabank plcOngoing
 16/10/2020FST 06/20Investment ServicesJD Capital p.l.c – C 82098Decided
 15/10/2020 FST 05/20Investment ServicesDennis MuscatOngoing
 04/09/2020 FST 04/20Investment ServicesCorporate & Commercial FX Services Decided
30/07/2020 FST 03/20 Investment ServicesSignia Holding Ltd & satabank plcOngoing
 10/06/2020FST 02/20 Investment ServicesChristian Ellul Ongoing
 10/06/2020 FST 01/20 Investment ServicesKarl Schranz Ongoing
 18/12/2019 FST 06/19 Investment Services E&S Consultancy Ltd vs MFSAOngoing
15/11/2019FST 05/19Malta Stock ExchangeMarine Bunkers Malta Ltd vs Listings Authority & MSEWithdrawn
 20/06/2019FST 04/19 Investment ServicesMomentum Pensions Malta Ltd vs MFSADecided
15/06/2019 FST 03/19 Investment Services E&S Consultancy Ltd vs MFSA Ongoing
26/03/2019FST 02/19BankingITC International Pensions Ltd.vs MFSADecided
 20/02/2019FST 01/19 Investment Services Novium AG vs MFSA Decided
 15/01/2019FST 01/19 Investment ServicesNovium AG vs MFSAOngoing
19/11/2018FST 08/18BankingThe Multi Group Ltd, Multi Brand Gaming Ltd, Multi Warehouse Ltd, Lotto warehouse Ltd, Multilotto UK Ltd, Wasp Media Ltd, Multi Pay N.V. and Round Spot Services Ltd vs MFSAWithdrawn
19/11/2018FST 07/18BankingSoftquo Holding Ltd, Golden Bet Limited, Virtual Gaming Technologies Ltd and G-Virtuals Limited vs MFSAWithdrawn
 13/11/2018FST 06/18Investment ServicesSignia Holding Ltd & Satabank plc vs MFSA Ongoing
20/09/2018FST 05/18Investment ServicesPortmann Capital Management Limited vs MFSA Ongoing
 13/09/2018FST 04/18Investment ServicesPortmann Capital Management Ltd vs MFSAOngoing
 17/05/2018FST 02/18Investment ServicesPilatus Holding Limited vs MFSA Ongoing
 17/05/2018FST 03/18Investment ServicesJohannes Helmut Michael Bauer; Dr. Claude-Anne Saint Fournier; Hamidreza Ghanbari; Robert L. Kligensmith; Luis Felipe Rivera & Mustafa Cetinel in their personal capacity as directors of Pilatus Bank plc and for & behalf of Pilatus Bank plc Ongoing
15/01/2018FST 01/18Transfer of Insurance BusinessHSBC Life Assurance (Malta) Limited transfer of Long Term Life Assurance business to Lombard International Assurance S.A.Decided
15/09/2017FST 04/17Investment ServicesConfiance Malta Limited vs MFSA Withdrawn
 23/08/2017FST 03/17Investment Services FIMBANK plc vs MFSADecided
 04/01/2017FST 01/17Investment ServicesHeikki Niemela, Mika Lehto each in their personal capacity as directors of Nemea Bank plc, Nemea plc (C45025);Nevestor SA (890.311.134)& Nemea Bank plc (C45026) vs MFSAOngoing
16/11/2016FST 10/16Investment ServicesHeikki Niemela, Mika Lehto in their personal capacity as directors of Nemea Bank plc; Nemea Bank plc (45025);Nevestor SA (890.311.134)and Nemea Bank plc (45026) vs MFSAOngoing
19/07/2016FST 09/16Investment ServicesHollingsworth International Financial Services Limited vs MFSA Withdrawn
08/07/2016FST 08/16Investment ServicesFutura Investment Management Limited vs MFSAWithdrawn
 03/06/2016 FST 07/16 Investment ServicesAppeal by Hollingsworth International Financial Services Limited Withdrawn
19/05/2016FST 06/16Investment ServicesAppeal by Roman Orloff, Anar Shadlinskiy and Zaur AslovWithdrawn
 12/05/2016 FST 05/16Investment Services Appeal by STM Malta Trust and Company Management Limited Withdrawn
 11/05/2016FST 04/16 Investment Services Appeal by Heikki Niemela, Mika Lehto each in their personal capacity as directors of Nemea Bank plc; Nemea plc (C45025); Nevestor SA (890.311.134) ad Nemea Bank plc (C45026) Ongoing
 15/04/2016 FST 03/16 Investment ServicesAppeal by St Publius Corporate Services LimitedDecided
07/04/2016 FST 02/16Investment ServicesAppeal by FX-CAM Consulting and Advertisement Ltd (C57386), formerly Sensus Capital Markets LtdOngoing
11/03/2016FST 03/15Insurance Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Alan Kentish vs MFSAWithdrawn
 11/03/2016 FST 01/16Investment ServicesAppeal by JFP Investments (SICAV) plc vs MFSAWithdrawn
 06/02/2015 FST 02/15Investment ServicesAppeal by Novium AG (Reg. no. CH- vs MFSAWithdrawn
 20/01/2015 FST 01/15 Investment Services Appeal by Kevin Murcko and Mr Sylvain Legay in thier own name and that of Premier Interchange Gateway Limited Withdrawn
 13/11/2014 FST 01/14Investment ServicesMs Hermione Bugeja vs MFSAWithdrawn
15/10/2013FST 02/13Investment ServicesAll Invest Company Limited (C22239) and Wallace Falzon (ID 308986) v Malta Financial Services AuthorityWithdrawn
15/10/2013FST 01/13Investment ServicesAll Invest Co. LtdWithdrawn
31/10/2012FST 04/12Investment ServicesMFSP Financial Management Ltd v MFSAWithdrawn
28/06/2012FST 03/12Investment ServicesBank Of Valletta Plc vs M.F.S.A.Withdrawn
28/03/2012FST 01/12Insurance Administrative PenaltiesMs Denise Zammit vs MFSAWithdrawn
28/03/2012FST 02/12Investment ServicesBank Of Valletta Plc vs M.F.S.A.Withdrawn
24/10/2011FST 04/11Investment ServicesBank Of Valletta Plc vs M.F.S.A.Withdrawn
15/06/2011FST 03/11Insurance Administrative PenaltiesVictoria Insurance Agency Ltd vs MFSAWithdrawn
29/03/2011FST 02/11Insurance Administrative PenaltiesLife Insurance Company ‘ALICO’ vs MSV Life Plc.Decided
01/02/2011FST 02/10Investment ServicesAppeal by Mediterranean Investment Holdings Ltd plcWithdrawn
09/12/2010FST 03/10Investment ServicesAppeal by Rizzo Farrugia & Co. (Stockbroking) Ltd.Withdrawn
09/09/2010FST 01/10Insurance Administrative PenaltiesEuropean Insurance Group Ltd.Decided
10/12/2009FST 01/09Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Manduca and Randon Co LtdDecided
10/12/2009FST 01/06Investment ServicesAppeal by Sibylline Capital Management Co Ltd (in formation)Decided
01/12/2009FST 04/09Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Mr. Nicholas PortelliOngoing
25/11/2009FST 05/09Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Mr. James BlakeDecided
21/11/2009FST 03/09Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Mr. Christopher PaceDecided
11/06/2009FST 02/09Insurance Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Mr. Vito AufieriWithdrawn
20/10/2006FST 02/06Investment ServicesAppeal by Global Capital Fund Advisors LtdWithdrawn
03/02/2005FST 01/05Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Middle Sea Valletta Life Assurance Co Ltd regarding an MSV Capital Bond AdvertWithdrawn
 12/11/2004FST 01/04Investment ServicesAppeal by Messrs P Azzopardi, A Azzopardi, M La Pira, J FavaWithdrawn
01/11/2003FST 01/03Insurance Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Micallef Insurance Agency LimitedWithdrawn
12/12/2002FST 03/02Malta Stock ExchangeAppeal by Mr Edmond Mugliette in respect of procedures at the Malta Stock ExchangeWithdrawn
14/08/2002FST 02/02Insurance Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Shields Services Limited and Mark RandonWithdrawn
23/02/2002FST 01/02Transfer of Insurance BusinessTransfer of life insurance portfolio of the Malta Branch of British Insurance Company (MTIUS) LimitedDecided
30/10/2001FST 02/01Insurance Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Galea Insurance Brokers LtdWithdrawn
01/10/2001FST 03/01BankingAppeal by Mr. Anthony C Azzopardi from a decision of the Central Bank of MaltaWithdrawn
01/08/2001FST 01/01Transfer of Insurance BusinessAppeal by Fenici Insurance Agency Ltd against administrative penalties imposed by the Malta Financial Services Centre.Withdrawn
01/12/2000FST 01/01Insurance Administrative PenaltiesAppeal by Fenici Insurance Agency Ltd against administrative penalties imposed by the Malta Financial Services Centre.Decided
03/09/1999FST 01/99Transfer of Insurance BusinessTransfer of Malta Life Portfolio of Assicurazioni Generali to Middle Sea Valletta Life Assurance Company Limited (MSV)Decided